Bennys Space Ship

Benny’s Spaceship Lego Set

Benny’s Spaceship Lego Set is one of the largest sets from the movie.

Benny’s Spaceship Lego Set is action packed and ready to go when ever you are. Look at all the pieces it comes with! There are 940 pieces. It comes with Benny’s ship, detachable wing flyers, and a Robo Police interceptor.

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Bennys Lego Space Ship

This is an amazing playset. It’s packed with exciting action items that any boy would get excited to build. Help Benny construct the Spaceship of his dreams. Get ready to fire the stud blasters and the spring-loaded cannons.

If that’s not enough, raise the satellite dish to release the spacebots.

How Difficult Is Benny’s Spaceship Lego Set To Put Together?

Like all the other great Lego sets, this comes with instructions to make this spaceship and all the extras that come with it. My grandson just put together 2 of the Lego building sets this weekend. My husband and I were both amazed at how well the instructions were written and the great pictures that guide along the way. These are very complex building sets and boys will be very proud of when they are complete. I know our grandson was. We took pictures and the whole thing.
Axel Benny Spaceship Lego Set

We spent all day putting together Legos. He was so excited that Grandpa got to help.Can you think of a better way to spend it with your son or daughter?

Buy Benny’s Spaceship Lego Set

Bennys Space Ship


This is a huge set. With the detachable wing flyers each measuring over 1″ high, 3″ long and 3″ wide, you have a serious Lego machine.

Benny’s Spaceship Lego Set has a Robo Police interceptor measures over 1″ high, 4″ long and 4″ wide for action fun re-enacting the Lego Movie.

It is a huge Lego set with 940 assorted pieces. The mini-figures are Benny, Robo Emmet, Space Wyldstyle and Robo Pilot, plus an Astro Kitty figure.

The Spaceship features an opening cockpit, with two spring-loaded laser shooters, four flick missiles, extendable wings, spring-loaded space cannons, and two stud blasters.

It also has a triple exhaust booster, control room with opening roof, computers, hammer and wrench, satellite dish, two spacebots and translucent elements.

This is a very exciting Lego Movie Playset! Grab your own Benny’s Spaceship Lego Set today.

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Benny’s Spaceship Lego Set is huge and will take hours and hours to put together. What fun it will be though! Get the family involved.

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