Blaze and the Monster Machines Helicopter

Meet Blaze Monster Copter Swoops Toy | New Blaze Toy in Town

There is a new Blaze Toy in town… Meet Blaze Monster Copter Swoops Toy

The Blaze Monster Copter Swoops toy is a cargo helicopter that can load up Blaze and his friends and take them off to great adventures. Blaze pilots this copter and comes with a new Pilot Blaze truck. 

Blaze and the Monster Machines Monster Copter Swoops

Introducing A New Blaze and the Monster Machines Character – Copter Swoops

Blaze Monster Copters Toy
Blaze Swoop Monster Copter is another character in the exciting video show that kids have fallen in love with. I asked my 3 year old grandson, Treyson, if he had heard of Swoop. He knew right away who I was talking about. When I told him there was a new Blaze Monster Copter Swoop Toy, his eyes lite up. Kids just love these Blaze Monster Machine Toys!

What Is Special About the New Blaze Monster Copter Swoops Toy?

Blaze Swoop Monster Copter
The new Blaze Monster Copter Swoops Toy holds up to three of the die-cast Blaze and the Monster Machines trucks.  So if you already have the Blaze Monster Machine characters, they will fit perfectly. You can put any of them in there and fly out to the race track. There are grooves for them to sit in so they don’t fly all over the place.

Treyson loves his Blaze and the Monster Machines toys and he carries at least 2 with him at all times, one in each hand. This cargo Copter Swoops will make that easier for him. Load up the monster machines and he can take them where ever his Mom takes him.

Does Swoops Blades Spin?

Monster Copter Swoops Toy
The Blaze Monster Copter Swoop Toy has helicopter blades that spin around, but they have to be activated by the kids playing with it. Just squeeze the trigger and watch the blades begin to spin. That tells you that Swoop is getting ready to take off for a new adventure. Who will go on this adventure with Blaze?

What Comes With The New Blaze Monster Copter Swoop Toy?

Blaze Monster Copter Swoop Toy
The new Blaze and the Monster Machine Monster Copter Swoops comes with the cargo helicopter, Swoops, and a brand new Blaze car, Pilot Blaze. You can identify Pilot Blaze because he comes with a headset on. No batteries needed, it is all kid-activated.

Buy Your Own Blaze and the Monster Machines Monster Copter Swoops!

Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Blaze & the Monster Machines, Monster Copter Swoops Vehicle

$24.99  out of stock
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  • Helicopter transporter styled after Blaze's friend Swoops
  • Kid-activated spinning propeller
  • Cargo bay holds 2 additional vehicles
  • Includes exclusive die-cast Blaze vehicle - other vehicles sold separately and subject to availability
  • A great gift for Nickelodeon Blaze and the Monster Machines fans

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Blaze Monster Copter Swoops Toy. Brand new Blaze Truck and toy from Fisher Price. Your kids are going to want this!

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