Blaze Power Wheels – 6 Volt Ride Toys for Toddlers

Ride into Axel City on Blazes flames with your new Blaze Power Wheels!

The Blaze Power Wheels is perfect for a toddler, ages 1 to 3, depending on their size. Treyson is too big for this one now, but I wish I knew about it a few years ago.  It is built like a traditional Power Wheel, which we have grown to trust over the years. It helps that it has 4 wheels for better sturdiness and to keep them upright as much as possible.

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What toddler wouldn’t be excited to see this arrive at their house? Treyson is almost 4 and I know he would still love it. But it’s too small and too slow for him now.Blaze Power Wheels
To get the Blaze ride on toy to go, all they have to do is push the button on the handle bars and hold it down. Once they let it go, the toy slows to a stop. Push it again and away they go. With 6 volts, its enough power to get them moving, but not powerful enough to hurt them. The maximum cruising speed  is 2 mph, they will be safe and have fun!Blaze Ride On ToyI really like the big foot rest. They are still learning to control their bodies, so it isn’t always easy for them to get arms and legs cooperating, and I just hate it when their feet are dragging. It doesn’t make sharp turns, but that is good, since this age isn’t the best at steering. If your kids are like Treyson, he will try to have a Blaze character in each hand while steering. It’s a recipe for and accident. Kids Battery Operated Ride OnsThe battery is easy to charge since the power cord and battery pack are under the seat so nothing gets lost. But it’s ok, its locked so your little one can’t play with it. You will need to charge it when it first arrives. It comes mostly assembled. You will need to attach the steering wheel. Add cool Blaze Monster Machine decals that come in the box. All of Blazes characters have cool decals. Now you get to decide where yours goes.Blaze Monster Machines Power Wheels The Blaze Power Wheels has wide plastic tires that are perfect on carpet, grass and hard surfaces. It seems to spin out on hardwood floors and I was concerned it would scratch them. It can also be pushed with no damage to the Power Wheels toy. We have learned to trust Power Wheels for a reason and they didn’t let us down this time. The Blaze Monster Machines Power Wheels will give your kid, and mine, an awesome time blazing in to Axel City!

Power Wheels Nickelodeon Blaze And The Monster Machines Lil' QuadPower Wheels Nickelodeon Blaze And The Monster Machines Lil’ QuadBuy A Blaze Power Wheels for your little one and give them hours of fun.

  • Exciting Blaze colors & graphics
  • Toddler-friendly features
  • 2 mph (3.2 km/h) max. forward only
  • Push-button operation for easy stop and go
  • Built-in footrests for a safe, comfortable ride

Don’t wait too long, they will outgrow this and be ready to move to the next stage Power Wheel.But for now, this will give them lots of fun time!!

Here are the next steps up for the best ride toys with Blaze and the Monster Machines on them. Also a new battery and cord in case you need replacements.

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This is on my list for Treyson!

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Blaze Power Wheels - 6 volt ride toys for toddlers. Battery operated ride on toys

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