Build DIY Lego Wall Collage

Make a Lego Play Wall

Build DIY Lego Wall Collage

Making a Lego Play Wall may not be a new idea to you, but it is to me.

I wish I had seen this when my son was little.

Although, I know my grand sons will love it just as muchl. I can see my grandsons playing for hours with their Legos on this Lego Play Wall.

I would need to make the Lego wall space pretty big to keep them apart.

They love to create on their own and not together.

I guess that’s pretty normal for kids. I know it was for my kids too.

I first saw this idea in an article I read about a Cafe Boo Bah in New York City that caters to kids.

Here is the article that I read at You might enjoy reading about this Cafe as well.

Of course, our projects won’t be on this large scale, but it gives us such great ideas to change up our children’s bedrooms and make them special.

Creating your own Lego Play Wall is so easy to do. Lego sells plates to build Lego creations on. You would need to buy the color that you like and then glue them to the wall area that you want the kids to play on.

With four colors to choose from, mix and match or make it all the same.

Green 10×10Blue 10×10Grey 15×15Sand 10×10

I really love these that look like city streets, but you are really cutting off a lot of Lego Play Wall room because of the streets. These would look really cool on the walls around the room though.

LEGO City T-Junction and CurvesLEGO City Straight & Crossroads

This is a new idea for me, so I will be researching glue ideas and maybe border ideas because I know I won’t be covering the entire room in Lego Base Plates.

I am so excited about this Lego Play Wall idea and I can’t wait to get started. I may wait and let the boys help me. They are 5 and 3. Oh what fun we will have!

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