John Deere Kids Ride Tractor

John Deere Kids Ride Tractor | Backyard Tractor Fun

John Deere Kids Ride Tractor for fun out door activities!

The John Deere Kids Ride Tractor is perfect for kids that love to ride around on toys and pretend to be just like dad and mom.

Don’t let all that power go to waste, give them a hauling job they can handle. Kids love to help out around the house, especially if it means they get to ride on their favorite John Deere tractor.

John Deere Kids Riding Tractor

It looks just like a farmer’s John Deere Tractor and will move around your yard or farm in much the same way. Grass, dirt, gravel or pavement, this John Deere kids riding tractor will tackle it all.

The John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer comes with a working radio so they can listen to their favorite station while wheeling around your yard.  It also comes with a charger so you can keep the battery charged. There isn’t a horn, which I find strange. You can buy one here, but you have to purchase it separately. How odd. From the reviews though, the horn is really good, not like a cheap kids horn.

This tractor is a bit more maneuverable than some of the other tractors. So if you have a smaller yard, it will work well because it will go around things easier and with more clearance room.

Assembly is required! You will have to put this tractor together. From the reviews I have read, it does take a couple of hours, but they say the instructions are well written and it wasn’t hard.

This is only a one passenger tractor and is perfect for kids 3 to 7 years of age.

Watch the John Deere  Kids Ride Tractor In Action

Drivers Seat on John Deer Tractor Toy for Kids

Drivers Seat on John Deer Tractor Toy for Kids

It reminds me of all the John Deere tractors I saw on the farm. If I didn’t know it was a kids ride on toy, I would think it was the real thing.

Kids like to be comfortable while playing, just as much as adults. The seat on the John Deer Tractor toys for kids is adjustable, meaning it will go forward or backward, as needed.

John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer
It also features movable arm rests. They go up and down, just like in my car.

The only downside to this John Deere Tractor is there is only one seat. No room for passengers. If you need a two seat ride on toy from John Deere, look at the John Deere Gator for kids.

John Deere Kids Ride Tractor Trailer

John Deere Kids Ride Tractor Trailer

Having a working trailer is super cool for both your kids and adults. Imagine all the hauling jobs they can do for you now and they will love helping. The trailer is a full size, detachable trailer.

The trailer is stake side, which means it is a bit higher than the garden trailer. You can load it up with grass or clippings and “most” of them will still be there when you reach the compost pile.

This trailer will pull up to 30 pounds easily.

John Deere Tractor Toys Kids Accelerator Pedal

John Deere Tractor Toys Kids Accelerator Pedal

Is the pedal easy for younger kids?

Yes! The pedal stands up from the foot rest and is easy for kids of all ages to reach and operate.

This tractor has 2 speeds plus reverse with 2.25 to 4.5 mph speeds. There is a lockout at 4.5 mph for beginners.

The brakes are automatic, once they lift their foot off the accelerator, the brake comes on.

Tire Traction for the John Deere Tractors Toys for Kids

Tire Traction for the John Deere Tractors Toys for Kid

In all the reviews that I read on the John Deere kids ride tractor, this was the most talked about problem. As with all ride on toys, the traction isn’t always good. It depends on the conditions and what they are riding on. Many came up with home made ideas for fixing this problem and adding more traction on the tires for their kids John Deere Tractor.

Click here to read one guys home made fix. Not a bad idea. 

Other Choices For John Deere Riding Toys for Kids

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John Deere Kids Ride Tractor
John Deere Kids Ride Tractor

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