Hometown Heroes Wooden Play Set | KidKraft Fire Rescue Set

Be a fireman with KidKraft Hometown Heroes Wooden Play Set!

My grandsons spend hours pretending to be firemen. With KidKraft Hometown Heroes Wooden Play Set gives them everything they need to play fireman!

Hometown Heroes Wooden Play - KidKraft Fire Rescue SetI have found out through the years of buying KidKraft toys that they are known for their quality toys and this is no exception.

Huge 3 story firehouse with fire trucks, ambulance and even a helicopter will give hours and hours of fun time.

The firehouse includes 22 pieces of furniture and a dog. Every fire station has to have a dog!

This KidKraft kids play fire station is all wood and very sturdy. Several children can play at once.

KidKraft makes toys that kids really want to play with. They have several playsets your kids might like, for instance, they have a Pirate Playset, a Deluxe Garage set with even a car wash, and a huge train set and table. These are toys that kids are looking for an want to play with.

In a Hurry? Get the KidKrafts Kids Play Fire Station HERE.

Action Video of the Fire Station!

KidKraft Hometown Heroes Play Set Has an Elevator!

This kids play fire station has an elevator. How nice for the firemen, especially since this is a 3 story station with the helipad on the roof.  It is worked manually, but the kids seem to really like it. Load it up with firefighters or medical people and grab the dog and head up to the helipad.

Kids Play Fire Station Even Has a Firemen Sliding Down Pole!

This KidKraft Fire Rescue Set has a real fireman sliding down pole?  Yep, so hurry and slide down the pole, all 3 floors.  Kids will have so much fun with this feature.

The elevator is on one side of the firehouse and the firemen sliding down pole they slide down when the alarm sounds for a fire is on the other side of the building.
Hometown Heroes Fireman's Sliding Down Pole

Sirens! Lights! Sounds!

The firetruck and police motorcycle are interactive and make sounds! The motorcycle also has lights that light up. Everyone will know when there is a fire or an emergency of some kind around your house.

Hometown Heroes Play Set Firetruck and Motorcycle

KidKraft Hometown Heroes Set

With 3 floors and so much furniture and people, this will truly be a buzzing place to play. Never a dull moment at the fire station.
Hometown Heroes Play Set



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