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Kids Can Make Easy Animated Videos

My grandson and I found out how to Make Easy Animated Videos. It was so much fun!

Right out of the box,  Malachi was testing to see if he could make easy animated videos without reading any instructions.

In a Hurry? => CLICK HERE for Crayola’s Color Alive Easy Animation Studio.

He is 7 years old and pretty smart. But as we read the instructions, it got more exciting. Making easy animated videos is so much fun with Crayola’s Color Alive Easy Animation Studio, and you can do so much with it.

We bought ours at Target, but now I am seeing that Amazon is cheaper by several dollars.

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It comes with a pose-able mannequin, cool swirl crayons, a stand for the mannequin, a stand for your tablet or phone, and a coloring book with 30 pictures, back and front, that helps you color the creatures or people. You can download new coloring sheets as you use these online.

Here is a his very first attempt at Making Easy Animated Video with the Crayola 3D Animation Studio. This was before we read the instructions. I barely got it out of the box. I didn’t know he was recording, that’s why there was so much noise in the background. He did great and he was so proud of himself.


The coloring book isn’t necessary to make animated videos. It gives you the option to color these monsters or people the way you want. So if you wanted to create a person in your school colors and make a video of them doing a school cheer, you could.

What is the coloring book for? It’s for making custom colored characters. Let’s say you want to make a school mascot. Here is how you would do it.

You would choose a character in the coloring book, color it front and back with your school colors. Then you scan those pictures with your tablet or phone using the Crayola app. Instead of it looking like the mannequin, it looks like your school cheer leader. Now choose a background and select several different pre-programmed moves, then record your schools cheer and you have made yourself a custom school mascot animated video.

After reading the instructions, Malachi found the character he wanted, then he colored him in the way he liked it. He scanned the colored pictures with my iPad, so now the animation can begin.  Did I happen mention this is Crayola’s 3D animation studio?

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OK….Now Is When The Cool 3D Animation Studio App Comes In To Play

After you color your picture, scan both the front side and the back side with your tablet or phone (make sure to color both the front and back of your character or they will be naked on one side).  Follow the easy prompts for each step. It’s really easy.
crayola color alive easy animation studio review

Then Save it and Watch it!

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It was really easy to create a stop motion animation with this software for kids. Crayola has out done themselves.

This Easy Animated Video Maker Allows You to Create Your Own Background

Malachi drew his own background on blank paper from my office. He asked me find a recording of Chewbacca’s growl from Star Wars online and he recorded it on the app we downloaded for this Crayola Color Alive Easy Animation Studio. I thought that was a great idea! Check it out.

Get Your Crayola Color Alive Animation Studio at and Save Money

Crayola Color Alive Easy Animation StudioCrayola Color Alive Easy Animation Studio

Includes poseable mannequin and stand

30-page design booklet

12 twistable colored pencils

Device stand

Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, and iPod touch

Download app from iTunes or Google Play.

Also works with images of real-world settings. Gives kids control over what their character does.

Crayola Color Alive Action Coloring Pages

These coloring books actually come to life when using a phone or tablet. They are really inexpensive and really cool. Watch this video that explains how they work.

 Crayola Color Alive Action Coloring Pages-Mythical Creatures Crayola Color Alive Action Coloring Pages – Enchanted Forest Crayola Color Alive Action Coloring Pages – Skylanders


Kids Can Make Easy Animated Videos with a Mannequin and simple app
Kids Can Make Easy Animated Videos with a Mannequin and simple app

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