LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box

Minecraft Legos Crafting Box

LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box
Minecraft Legos Crafting Box is one of the new collections from LEGO.

They released the micro-world Minecraft collections two years ago, but they are super small. These are the size of a regular LEGO.

With 521 parts and three mini-figures: our hero Minecraft Steve, a skeleton, and a ‘cow’ named Nathan, there are hours of fun packed into this set.

This set comes with great instructions, actually it comes with 2 books full of instructions. This will help your child to either follow the instructions to build it as he sees it or he can choose to follow his own path and do his own thing. Both are the right way to play with LEGOs.
Minecraft Legos Crafting Box
The instructions will help him create 8 different projects. But we know that he will make endless things with this set by using his own imagination.

The instructions are easy though, so no worries there. I read in one of the reviews that a man with a child that had autism could follow the instructions easily, so that is good to know.
Minecraft Legos Crafting Box
Keep in mind though, that this is a LEGO set and the blocks won’t be textured like the game. I know that is sad, but what can we expect from LEGO. They did a great job with this collection.
Minecraft Legos Crafting Box
This collection also includes a periodic table poster to identify the LEGO Minecraft elements. The colors and patterns represent specific elements from the game. For instance, the orange is lava and the green is grass. These are things your child will want to know before starting his building project.

This Minecraft Legos Crafting Box collection is designed for a child 8 years of age and up.


Minecraft Legos Crafting Box Collection

Front Box LookBack Box Look521 PiecesCreate Your Own


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All these sets will work together, so buy one or all of them to create a bigger and better Minecraft experience. My grandchildren love LEGOs, so they would want them all so they can mix and match the pieces. What will your son or grandson want to do?

If you need more specific information about the LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box and all the pieces, check out this review from Rebrickable.

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