LEGO Minecraft - The Mine

New Lego Minecraft Sets – The Mine

New Lego Minecraft Sets  -The Mine is waiting for you!

The New Lego Minecraft Sets – The Mine is the largest one in the collection. With its 922 pieces your child will have more fun that should be allowed. This set is perfect for a child 8 years and older.

My grandson really loves Minecraft and he can’t wait for me to buy him this set. I told him I would buy it for him when he was 8 years old. I wonder if he will remember?

This set comes with all the things that an avid Minecraft lover would expect. Steve comes with his weapons and accessories, along with a Creeper, zombie, skeleton and a spider. Steve’s weapons are a sword and a bow, and his accessories include armor, helmet and a pickaxe. He is ready for battle.

New Lego Minecraft Sets – The Mine

New Lego Minecraft Sets – The Mine – Kid Review

Here is a kid’s view of this Lego set and then watch him put it together with time-lapse photography. I thought it was cute that he thought it would take him 6 hours to put it together, but it took him 3 days. It is a huge Lego set.

LEGO Minecraft 21118 The Mine

My grandson is crazy for Minecraft right now. It is all he talks about. He is 7 years old and I am not sure he is ready for this huge lego set yet, but watching him look at this set makes me laugh. I told him when he is 8 years old that I would buy this for him. He can’t hardly wait. He keeps me up on how many more months till his birthday.

LEGO Minecraft 21118 The Mine

This will make the perfect gift for fans of LEGO building and Minecraft! This set measures 12″ (32cm) high, 15″ (40cm) wide and 9″ (25cm) deep. Big set with lots of pieces for hours of fun.

FrontBack922 piecesCreate Your Own

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All these LEGO Minecraft sets were designed to be used together. So buy one or buy several, it’s up to you. They can mix and match the pieces and build something out of this world.

If you feel you still need a bit more information for the LEGO Minecraft The Mine, here is a great article from Rebrickable that really explains well what you get and how it works.

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