LEGO Movie Creative Ambush

LEGO Movie Creative Ambush

LEGO Movie Creative Ambush
LEGO Movie Creative Ambush is one of the great sets from the movie.

With all these exciting playsets that go with the movie, my grand sons will have a hard time just choosing one.

A battle breaks out in the West for the characters of the Lego Movie. What will they do? Poor Emmet is going to have to step out of his comfort zone again to help save them.

Someone has to stop the evil tyrant from conquering the world. Can Emmet do it? Is he prepared for the job? Probably not, but he is going to give it his all.

Help them save the world by constructing a wacky Wild West saloon plane with shooting cannons, boosters to battle the robots. Play a tune on the piano as you drop bombs in the robot’s way and protect the civilians. You can also build a flying kebab stand with control levers, jet wheels, side boosters and tasty kebab flick missiles.

This set includes 4 mini-figures: Kebab Bob, Sudds Backwash, Rootbeer Belle and Executive Ellen.

Here is a video to find out what is new and what is old about this set. There is a little of both.

LEGO Movie Creative Ambush

Creative Ambush: The Lego Movie

Saloon PlaneRobotKebob Shob

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