Lego Ninjago Copter

Lego Ninjago Copter – Is Master Chen Taking Skylor Down?

We just got the Lego Ninjago Copter with Master Chen and his daughter Skylor!

Our grandson is with us this weekend and we got him the Lego Ninjago Copter. He is in heaven! Actually we bought him two Ninjago Dragons sets. The other one we got him is the Lego Ninjago Jay Dragon Set.

Lego’s aren’t like they were when my kids were little. These are works of art. It takes concentration and determination to get these together and look like what the box shows. I am really proud of Axel. He did an awesome job on both of these Lego Ninja sets.

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What Figures Do You Get in This Set?

In this Lego Ninjago Condrai Copter set, Master Chen, along with his sidekick, Eyezor,  are out to get Skylor. Who will win? The mini figures included in this set is  Chen, Eyezor and Skylor. Chen has his claw hand, Eyezor has his Anachondrai Blade, and Skylor has her rocket board. But remember, Skylor is Chens daughter. Why is he attacking her?

Skylor, Eyezor, and Master Chen from Ninjago Copter Lego Set

Whose Vehicle Will Win This Attack? The Lego Ninjago Copter is Bigger

Master Chens Condrai Copter or Skylors Rocket Board? It isn’t looking good for Skylor. The Lego Ninjago Condrai Copter measures over 2″ high, 11″ long and 8″ wide. Skylor’s rocket board measures over 2″ long, 2″ wide and under 1″ high. Size alone is not in her favor. But the battle belongs to you…..or Axel in this case.

Don’t forget, Skylor has the ability to steal the powers of other elemental fighters and use them herself. Will she have the same power over Master Chen, her father?
Lego Ninja Copter and Rocket Board

How Hard is this Lego Ninjago Copter Set to Put Together?

Axel got to work and put this Lego Ninjago set together by himself in a couple of hours. He was super proud of himself. After all, it has 311 pieces, that is a lot of pieces to get all in the right place. The instructions were terrific. Very good pictures and easy to understand instructions. He did a great job!
Putting Together the Ninjago Condrai Copter Lego

How are the Details in this Lego Ninjago Condrai Copter Set?

I took these pictures outside and I think the details look great. Can you see Chen sitting in the Copter? His face is very detailed and you can really see it well, even with a helmet on and he isn’t happy. Skylor is very visible and so are her clothes, which are very detailed.
The Finished Product of the Lego Ninjago Copter Set2

Where Can You Buy the Lego Ninjago Copter?

LEGO Ninjago Condrai Copter Attack ToyLEGO Ninjago Condrai Copter Attack ToyLego Ninjago Copter ToyLEGO Ninjago Condrai Copter Attack Toy


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Lego NinJago Copter - Is Master Chen Taking Skylor Down

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