Lego Ninjago Jay Dragon Set

We just got a Lego Ninja Jay Dragon Set!

We just bought the Lego Ninja Jay Dragon Set because our grandson Axel is visiting us this weekend and we went toy shopping. After a LONG time looking he decided on the Lego Ninjago Jay Dragon Set #70602.

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He tried to wait for Grandpa to come home from work so they could do it together, but he just couldn’t wait.

Lego Ninjago Jay Dragon Set 2

The Lego Ninjago Jay Dragon Set Has Great Instructions!

He is working really hard to put this 350 piece Lego Ninjago set together. He is 9 years old, so the instructions were perfect for him. They give GREAT instructions to put these together. He worked on it about 2 hours before Grandpa got home and then they worked on it another 2 or 3 hours after that. Even Grandpa talked about how amazing the instructions were. Lots of pictures and the explanations were wonderful.

Lego Ninjago Jay's Elemental Dragon Review

They Finally Finished the Lego Ninjago Jay’s Elemental Dragon Set 70602

They did! It’s finished and it’s amazing. There were so many small pieces to get together to make this great Lego Ninjago Dragon. It is bigger than it looks too. It shoots blue Djinn Blades out the back, and the pieces move so you can pose it in so many ways. You can move the feet to make it stand better, even the toes move. The wings move up and down and many of the different part of the wings also move separate from the main wings. I had a good time just rearranging all the parts up and down and around while taking pictures.

Ninjago Lego Dragons

What Figures Come with the Lego Ninjago Jay Dragon Set?

It comes with two figures, Jay and Cyren. Cyren comes with her harpoon hook shooter, which looks really awesome. She can shoot 6 harpoons before you can say ouch. The Monkey Wrench comes with this set as well, and comes with his pirate sword.

Ninjago Lego Dragons

The Attack of the Lego Ninjago Jay Dragon Set! Watch Out!!!!

Soon the guys leave to do something outside on this beautiful day, but not before I get the announcement that the coast of Italy has been attacked. Everyone take cover, I think the dragon is coming this way.

lego ninjago jay's elemental dragon review 3

Where Can You Buy The Lego Ninjago Jay Dragon Set?

LEGO Ninjago Jay's Elemental Dragon 70602LEGO Ninjago Jay’s Elemental Dragon 70602LEGO Ninjago Jay's Elemental Dragon 70602LEGO Ninjago Jay’s Elemental Dragon 70602

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Ninjago Lego Jays Dragons

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