Retro Radio Flyer Tricycle

Retro Radio Flyer Tricycle

Retro Radio Flyer Tricycle

The Retro Radio Flyer Tricycle is the exact same one you learned on so many years ago. Remember how much fun you had on it?

I couldn’t wait to get up each morning to run out and ride my “big” bike. At least that’s what I thought it was when I was 3 or 4 years old.

I rode my radio flyer tricycle as fast as I could. I am sure my long red hair was blowing out behind me as I rode at speed too high to register.

In the world we live in now, kids don’t seem to play outside as much. This is the perfect outside toy for them to play and pretend and get exercise out in the sunshine.

When winter came, we always drug our bikes inside the basement to ride on all winter long. We didn’t have a finished basement.

My mother-in-law told me that she let her kids, all six of them, bring their tricycles in the house and ride them around. Her house was built so that there was a circle from room to room. Perfect trike path for kids. She was a good mom…and brave.

Retro Radio Flyer Tricycle

Radio Flyer is a trusted name in children’s tricycles and other fun toys. This tricycle has won awards from –

  • Parents Choice Classic Award
  • Parents Guide to Children’s Media Award
  • The National parenting Centers Seal of Approval

This tricycle is made by Radio Flyer, innovating play and creating memories since 1917. So this is a company you can trust.

There are many other companies that make tricycles, but they aren’t all made with the craftsmanship that Radio Flyer Tricycles are.


Original Radio Flyer Red Dual Deck Tricycle

What makes this an extraordinary tricycle?

The sturdy steel design and rubber tires make this tricycle durable and easy to ride, even for beginners.

The chrome bell and handle tassels are fun and stylish. They were always my favorite parts of my trike.

And the controlled turning radius and low center of gravity make this tricycle easy for little ones to ride. The chances of them turning the handle bar so far that they tip over is little.

The dual deck is always a nice feature. You can give rides to your friends, big and little friends. Or you could do like me and tie my dolls and stuffed animals on to the deck. I would pretend I was taking the kids to the market.

 Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle


Whether you are looking for an Original Radio Flyer tricycle or a modified version, Radio Flyer has it for you. They even have trikes in pink for little girls. So sweet!

Buy quality now and you can hand this tricycle down from child to child and even to your grandchildren. We need more products that are built to last like the Radio Flyer toys.

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  1. I had a radio flyer as a kid. It was really fun when my parents paved the driveway!

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