Pirate Dress Up Costume

Pirate Dress Up Costume

Pirate Dress Up Costumes are the perfect gift for kids that love to dress up on a daily basis.

My grandsons become a new super hero or a swashbuckler every day. I have to laugh at some of their outfits.

My daughter-in-law has a dress up costume bag that the kids get to pick what they will be that day. What fun!

But some of us Moms aren’t as creative as others.

Good thing these great Pirate Dress Up Costumes are available. These just aren’t for Halloween or costume parties anymore.

These are terrific adventure props for boys and girls of all ages.

When my girls were little I had an old steamer trunk filled with old wedding dresses and prom dresses. This is the same idea, but with dress up costumes.

Just be warned, they will want to wear them to school. Not sure how your school will feels about that. I am sure there will be opportunities for them to dress up a day or so during the school year. So your kids will be ready.


Pirate Dress Up Costumes

Pirate KingAhoy MateyEl Captain

Pirate BoyCaribbean PirateCutthroat PirateBlack Jack The Pirate


Fun Facts about Pirates:

  • Pirates believed that whistling on a ship would cause the weather to turn stormy (as in ‘to whistle up a storm’).
  • Pirates believed that wearing pierced earrings would improve their eyesight.
  • Pirates probably didn’t have talking parrots.


Perfect Pirate Dress Up Costume Accessories

What Pirate would be complete without a few extra pieces of equipment to make him really fearless and fearful? Depending on what comes with the Pirate Dress Up Costume you choose, you might think of some extra’s to add to it to make it the perfect dress up costume.

Flashing LED Pirate SwordMask and Accessories


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