Play-Doh Fun Factory Set

Play-Doh Fun Factory Set

Play-Doh Fun Factory Set
The Play-Doh Fun Factory Set is one of the newest toys my grandson Treyson received. His mother sat down with him to help him learn how to do it and to play a little herself.

Treyson asked her to make the frog and the snail that are pictured on the box. She didn’t do too bad. He was very pleased with her results.

Spending time with our kids is what they really want from us. Play Doh is the perfect thing to play because adults still enjoy making things with Play Doh.

When I was a kid you got 2 or 3 colors of Play Doh in a package. But today, the have included tools to help build great objects.

The Play Doh Fun Factory set that Trey has includes a tool called an extruder and two rails.

You choose the rail you want the Play Doh to come out looking like and then you push down on the handle of the extruder to push the Play Doh through the rails.

I tried to get a close up of the picture on the box so you can see the shapes that it makes. Long ropes of these shapes for kids to then create something with.

Play Doh Close Up Shot Of Extruder

Trey is almost 3 years old, so this Play Doh Fun Factory Set is perfect for his chubby little hands. He can operate the hand press with no problems.

Of course, free-styling Play Doh is still fun, like my daughter did for Trey. You don’t need the special tools, but it is fun to explore. When you free-style you never know what creations your Play Doh will end up being and I think that is half the fun.


Treysons Play Doh Fun Factory Set

This set is perfect for Treyson. Not only does he get the extruder tool to push the Play Doh through, but it includes 3 molds to use with the extruder, 2 shape making strips that have 10 designs and a trimmer knife.

Don’t worry, it’s not sharp. Treyson had no problem handling it and within a few minutes he figured out what it was for and how to use it. Oh, and 2 cans of Play Doh come in that set too. Almost forgot the most important ingredient.

Play-Doh Fun FactoryPlay-Doh Fun Factory


More Great Play Doh Fun Factory Sets

The set that Treyson got was perfect for him because he is still young. It’s not the only set that would be good for his age. Here are few more that are perfect for Trey and a few that would be good for Malachi, my older grandson. He is six and very proud of it.

These are just a few Play Doh Factory Sets that they have for boys. With so many to choose from, I know you will find the perfect one for your little guy.

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  1. I loved P;ay-Doh as a kid and they didn’t have all these really neat things back then. I think I would still like to play with the stuff now!

  2. Play Doh is so cool, but I’m a little old for that now lol. I like the look of the minion set the most.

  3. My boys love Play Doh, they play with it every day. We have the fun factory and I love that it comes with so many tools to play with and things to do.

  4. Nicola Gill says:

    This is one thing that we never grow too old for – I just loved Play Doh. Maybe that’s why I love getting my hands dirty in the kitchen kneading all of those ingredients together by hand 😉

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