Quad Roller Skates for Kids

Quad Roller Skates for KidsMy three year old grandson went to his first roller skating party. I sure wish they had Quad Roller Skates for kids at that roller rink.

They are still using the same skates I learned in. I am a bit surprised. They tighten the wheels and basically have the kids walk with them. I do believe in tightening the wheels a bit so they don’t end up on the floor the entire time, but there is a better option for balance than the old type of roller skates.

What I like about the Quad Roller Skates is the two wheels in front are still where they normally are and the same size, but the back wheels of these quad roller skates are bigger and farther apart. So it really gives them more balance. They were designed with a low center of gravity that is perfect for beginner skaters.

If they have already started to learn on the old fashioned roller skates with the brake in the front, they will have to get used to the brake in the back on these Quad Roller skates.

These Quad Roller Skates also have adjustable padding and molded ankle supports. Your child can grow in them and still have them fit him perfectly and help stabilize him.

They are easy for them to put their own skates on and take them off. Mommies have to love that.

My grandson seemed to have a good time. He was with his cousins, so he just did what they did. Cousins are the best friends ever!

Here are some pictures from that night.

First he is with his mommy (my daughter) getting his skates on. He looks excited to try this. He is a brave boy. These look like the same skates I learned on. You would think the skate rinks would get some new ones.

The next one is of him after mastering it. Although, his mommy is still by his side. He looks like he is intent on staying up. How adorable. I can see new Quad Roller Skates in his future.

I remember taking his mommy roller skating for the first time. Seems like yesterday. Where has the time gone?
Quad Roller Derby Skates kids

Quad Roller Skates for Kids

Roller Derby Boy’s Fun Roll Adjustable Roller Skate

Roller Derby Quad Skate for kids
The sizing was a bit confusing on these Roller Derby Quad Roller Skates. But I found where someone did some research and shared it in the comments. So here are the sizes –

Shoe Size Approx. Inches

Small Toddler 7 – Little Kid 11 5.5″ – 6.75″
Medium Little Kid 11 – Little Kid 2 6.75″ – 8.13″

Notice the wider wheels in back and how much larger they are than the front?

That will help stabilize them on the skate rink or outside on the sidewalk.

They come in bright colors too. I like that!


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