Spider-man Dress Up Costumes

Spider-man Dress Up Costume
My grandsons love to play dress up in their favorite Spider-man dress up costumes.

These are Spider-man costumes that they put together themselves. They fight over who gets to wear what.

They usually run to grab grandpa’s red shirts and grab his belts to tie around them.

I know they love to pretend, but they don’t look anything like Spider-man, but I love watching them use their imagination to come up with these crazy outfits.

Just wait till they are older and realize that Grandma B has pictures to prove how silly they were.

They will love these Spider-man Dress Up Costumes For Kids. There are several different types, so you might want to get some help choosing the right one. These kids really know their Super Heroes and you don’t want to make the mistake of ordering the wrong one.

What you need to look for in these Spider-man Dress Up Costumes for your sanity is that they are machine washable.

My grandsons will take these outside, up trees, down to play at the creek and then expect to come in for lunch in all that mess. I will definitely be serving lunch on the picnic table on those days.


Spider-man Dress Up Costumes

These fun Spider-man dress up costumes aren’t just for Halloween or costume parties. These are perfect for everyday play. Giving them costumes that fit them a bit better than grandpa’s shirts is a safety issue. I have had to run outside when I heard a child yelling, only to find him hanging upside down in a tree. Grandpa’s shirt got stuck on a branch.

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Extra Spider-Man Accessories

My grandsons think they must have their accessories. What would they do without their Spider-Man boot covers or Spider-Man gloves? The boys don’t think their costume is complete without gloves and boot covers. They also know that Grandma B is a easy mark. That’s ok….I love them too.

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