Spiderman Helmet and Knee Pads
A Spiderman helmet and knee pads were a surprise gift for this little guy.

This is my grandson Treyson. He will be three soon and his parents thought it was time to introduce a tricycle. But they want him to be safe.

By the look on Treys face, I would say he is in love with the protective gear his parents got him.

Before they let him take that new bike out of the garage, they had him geared up with a Spiderman helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and hand pads. That kid is invincible.

I remember as a kid having none of this protective gear, much less a Spiderman helmet and knee pads. I guess our parents used lots of band-aids on us.

As long as they have protective gear available, I believe it in. My brother and sisters and I all broke a bone while kids. My kids broke none. Does that mean that the protective gear worked? Maybe.

After all, we have air bags in our car and seat belts. My grandson may not be going as fast as a car, but if he is anything like his dad, he will push the limits of his bike at some point in his life.

Treyson is young enough to still appreciate his Spider Man helmet and knee pads. My daughter told me he didn’t even get on the bike. He just kept looking at his cool Spider Man gear. Kids are so funny!

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These Spiderman Helmet and Knee Pads should give your child as much protection as they need until they grow into the bigger bikes. Until then, enjoy them while they are young.