The First Night Minecraft Lego Set

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The First Night Minecraft Lego Set gives you what you love in the Minecraft game and what you love in a Lego set.

This Lego set will work with the other Minecraft Lego sets. Keep them separate or combine them all to make something fantastic. Can you image the hours of play if you combine one or two of these sets together.

This set comes with 408 Lego pieces, along with Steve, a creeper and a pig. The house that you can build with this is hinged so you can either close it or have it open and work inside. The roof also comes off. All of this is explained in the instruction book that comes with the Lego set.

I would suggest following their instructions the first time you play with this, just because you may not realize what some of these pieces are for. For instance, when the people over at reviewed this set, they thought the furnace was a fireplace. No big deal really, but it’s nice knowing what you are playing with.

The First Night Minecraft Lego Set Review Video

Here is a great video review of The First Night Minecraft Lego Set. I love this kid!

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